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About Us

Hello, We appreciate you taking the time to find out about us a little more. So we will keep all the interesting part above and the boring part at the later end, which you can skip. Read and you will find a surprise



What does 'Meleth' mean?

'Meleth' means 'LOVE'. We believe "A small amount of love can make a big impact."


What is our Motto?

'It's all about 'YOU'. Why you may ask? Ask Yourself. World's biggest brands like Louis Vuitton, Zara, or any big shot company. you know what do they have in common. YOU. (YOU) people make or break a company. YOU are the brand. We would say the world's biggest brand. So as our motto says our whole focus and goal is YOU.


Why choose 'Meleth'?

Well, We want to ask you something do you like torturing animals? Enjoy making them blind, give skin cancer or even kill them mercilessly? Are you vegan? Best one. If you see a rich man begging would you give them more money? Does the company you support just donates if needed to, just like a promotion? Your one small step, one small change, or decision to support a cause can create a huge impact.

'Meleth' is cruelty-free, Our products are vegan, We are trying our best to introduce a complete eco-friendly line of products or figure out a way to create no pollution through our products. Now you might be thinking still all this will make 'Meleth' a rich and expensive brand. We will always provide services and products at the best competitive price possible. The best part for the last, why choose us? We pledge to give away 20% of the profit to various women charities for different issues, List of charities are mentioned below. 'Women for Women'

As we started "A small amount of (Your) love can make a big impact" You will be helping 1000's of the woman by just supporting our cause.

Thank you for reading till here we don't have any boring selection. When was Meleth created and the rest of the detail will soon be upload on the wiki. Yeah, that's the boring part.

As promised use, this code 'MelethForever' for a 10% discount and share yours and our story on your social media and tag us (@melethcosmetics) #meleth, #melethyourself and you will receive another code. When you use the code make sure to order as many products as you can and we will send you the same amount of random products and it will be different from the ones you ordered, Meleth is full of surprises. 'It's all about YOU'

List of Charities

BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation)

Girls Inc (Women equality, women in power) Dedicated to raising a strong generation of women.

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network)

CRI (Cancer Research Institute)