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About Us

Hello there, We appreciate that you took the time to find out about us. So we won't waste your time and keep it interesting. Reading it through will provide you with a special surprise!



What does the word 'Meleth' mean?


The word 'Meleth' means 'LOVE' We believe "A small amount of love can make a significant impact."


What is our Motto?


It's all about 'YOU' Why? might you question? Think about this, the World's most influential companies like Louis Vuitton, M.A.C, or any other big company you could think of; what's the similarity in them? It's the active customer base. People are the ones who either make or break a company. What do they do for you? Our motto revolves around 'YOU' because in the end, 'It's all about YOU.' We believe 'Women will help women.'


Why choose 'Meleth'?


We need to ask you something, do you like torturing animals? Or making them blind, giving them skin cancer, or the worst by even killing them mercilessly.? If you see a rich man begging, will you give more money? Does your favourite company or brand stands for any Cause or Change?


'Meleth' is cruelty-free; our products are vegan. We are trying our best to introduce a complete eco-friendly line of products and figure out a way to create no pollution through our products. We will always provide our customers with the best services and products possible at the most favourable competitive price. Now you might be thinking, If you buy our products, won't it just make 'Meleth' rich? We vow to give away 20% of the profits to various women charities supporting different Causes. We will be providing the list of the charities down below. 


As a new company, "A small amount of your love can make a huge impact" You will be helping 1000's of other women by just supporting the change. Your one small action, one small change, or just choice to support a cause can create an enormous impact. It is high time to make a difference.


Thank you for reading up till here. All the other information on our brand, like; When was it created? And additional information like that. We will post all of that detail on Wikipedia.


As promised, Here is your surprise A discount code for a 10% discount on our website 'MelethForever.' Buy some stuff from our website, and be sure to post it on social media and tag us (@melethcosmetics) #meleth, #melethyourself. We will enter your name for a chance to win a better prize. When using the discount code, be sure to purchase as many items as you want; we might throw in some more things in there too.